Why Chartered?

2mtrust is a Financial Services Practice with four individual Chartered Financial Planners within our team -

  • Dan Mallery
  • Matt Dawson
  • Mark Townson
  • Tom Hicks

We’re excited to also have another Adviser going through the training and examination process so that he can move from being Diploma qualified and become Chartered in his own right

But what does being Chartered mean?

Being a Chartered Financial Planner recognises individuals within the Financial Services industry who

  • are highly qualified
  • uphold excellent ethical standards
  • deliver exceptional service to their clients

There is then an onus on the member to show that they continue to strive for the highest ethical standards alongside maintaining their qualification level and superb client outcomes

We work hard to ensure our Financial Advisers within the Practice are able to deliver suitable advice - and are always up to speed with compliance and processes

The Chartered hallmark isn’t just a symbol of industry expertise - it also upholds a standard of community

As part of being a Chartered Financial Planner – each individual is required to achieve the Certificate of Professional Standing each and every year through the completion of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) They are also expected to demonstrate their commitment and service outside of Financial Services as a member of society

As a Practice we encourage our team – whether Chartered or not – to support a charity or their local community in some way

We believe volunteering is an integral part of supporting a community and these are some of the ways our team help:

  • Families Worker at Mother’s Union – working with a local Women’s Refuge
  • Food Bank Support
  • CAP Money Course Facilitator and Trainer – helping people with budgeting
  • Treasurer for a local Hockey Club
  • Various voluntary roles within churches and community groups – from Youth Worker to the Finance Committee
  • Anonymous letter writing to isolated and lonely people within the local community
  • Sponsored fundraising events – Great North Run, Golf Days and the Wacky Rally across Europe

Although this isn’t an extensive list it does give a good idea of how our work family spend some of their time to help within their community - whether we’re in the North East, Scotland, Yorkshire or further away - there’s always a good cause to get involved with and give something back

Giving back to the community is part of the Chartered Membership

You don’t just pay a fee and get given a badge of honour - every single member has to earn their Chartered badge

That’s why we're proud to tell you Dan, Matt, Mark and Tom have definitely earned theirs!




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