We recently packed our bags and travelled down to Wales for an overnight stay at the beautiful Celtic Manor.

No this wasn’t just a very extravagant 2mtrust team meeting - we made the most of the trip to attend the Personal Finance Society Conference at the ICC Wales.

Although it was a very long journey for most of the team we enjoyed time together in the evening and explored the conference the following day.

With informative seminars and a variety of exhibitors to chat to, everyone spent the day soaking up the atmosphere and seeing who could get the best merch!

When we weren’t “playing” we were learning and networking.

We asked everyone what “golden nuggets” they came away with from the PFS Conference -

“Having the attitude to serve our clients – we have something to give rather than something to get” – Colin Blois

“Having a heart for inter-generational planning so that each generation in the family becomes clients” – Catherine Bockett

“Taking all the ideas and updates from the conference and using them to improve both personal/individual experience, the clients experience and the experience of 2mtrust as a whole” – Sue Townson

There was so much covered at this event and it was great to spend the time together, learning how we can build upon the foundations we already have - to love our clients even more!

Thank you and well done to everyone involved in organising the Personal Financial Society Conference 2023 including the seminar speaker and exhibitors. Our team came home with a fair few lovely freebies from the suppliers! After all, isn’t that part of why you go to a conference?