The Openwork Partnership

The Openwork Partnership is one of the largest networks of Financial Advisers in the UK - and we have been a part of it since the beginning in 2005

We were also an active member of the predecessors of The Openwork Partnership since 1994

But what does this actually mean for 2mtrust and our Advisers?

The Openwork Partnership have the scale and capacity to negotiate with and select products and services from UK consumer retail companies

Our advisers have much greater confidence when we restrict ourselves to only recommending products and services which have been through the due diligence of The Openwork Partnership vetting procedures

But what does this actually mean for 2mtrust’s clients?

You can be confident that not only do we follow through meticulously on all FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations – we also follow all the guidance which The Openwork Partnership are able to give on those guidelines

The Openwork Partnership is a network of over 4,000 advisers across the country. The Openwork Partnership can help us because they:

  • Hold other companies to account for our clients
  • Supervise the high level of training and competence for the Advisers in 2mtrust
  • Offer a complaints department which is completely independent of 2mtrust
  • The Openwork Partnership is able to ensure that our advisers are doing the right thing and providing the right advice

2mtrust is covered by and supported by The Openwork Partnership to ensure we are upholding their high standards and values to fairly and suitably service our customers

The Openwork Partnership - Branded Notebooks

There are many benefits to being part of The Openwork Partnership because they -

  • Are trusted by over 1 million customers across the UK
  • Maintaining adviser competence with training and exams
  • The Openwork Partnership research of product and service providers
  • Providing Client Relationship Management
  • Feedback and complaints department
  • Support and compliance management for marketing
  • Much more!

Overall the benefit to you as a client is greater confidence and trust peace of mind that your 2mtrust Adviser comes under the cover of a national firm - making sure that you are treated fairly and the advice we give – whether it’s mortgage and protection or financial planning - is always suitable and appropriate for your individual needs




Approved by The Openwork Partnership on 13/12/2023
Reapproved by The Openwork Partnership on 15/04/2024