Clients make 2mtrust

The relationship between a business and its clients is very special – and essential to the success or failure of a business. Would you agree?

Building and maintaining relationships with our clients is priority for 2mtrust.

We love our clients because we care about them as people – as human beings with their own lives, thoughts, opinions and goals in life. Therefore we enjoy getting to know each and every individual as a person and then as a client.

2mtrust has proven to be unique in the way our team has grown over the years.

Because we prioritise relationship over sales, we’ve really gotten to know families and friends at a level that’s uncommon in other industries.

Your Financial Adviser probably knows you better than your own parents do! *

* OK, this statement is probably not 100% accurate but hopefully you understand the point we’re trying to make – we really do get to know our clients well and professionally discuss topics and aspects of life that you don’t openly share with family and friends.

With this said we have recently reflected on another aspect of 2mtrust which demonstrates this very ethos –

Because we get to know our clients so well, every now and again, they become part of our work-family! A known client is welcomed into the fold and is easily able to build upon the existing relationships within the team.

Did you know that almost 40% of the 2mtrust team started off as clients? **

2mtrust is 100% built upon long-lasting relationships – stemming from Mark Townson’s 30 year career in financial services - and we’re extremely grateful that each member of the team shares the same heart to get to know our clients.

Thank you to every member of the 2mtrust team for upholding this standard and caring for every single one of our clients. We work together to deliver the best service we can for clients, their needs and their families.

Here’s to many more years of building relationships and watching families grow from generation to generation!

** 10 out of 26 people = 38% of the 2mtrust Team

Approved by The Openwork Partnership on 28/11/2023