2mtrust is a Financial Services Practice with three individual Chartered Financial Planners within our team -

  • Dan Mallery
  • Matt Dawson
  • Mark Townson

We’re excited to also have two more Advisers going through the training and examination process so that they can each move from being Diploma qualified and become Chartered in their own right

But what does being Chartered mean?

Being a Chartered Financial Planner recognises individuals within the Financial Services industry who

There is then an onus on the member to show that they continue to strive for the highest ethical standards alongside maintaining their qualification level and superb client outcomes

We work hard to ensure our Financial Advisers within the Practice are able to deliver suitable advice - and are always up to speed with compliance and processes

The Chartered hallmark isn’t just a symbol of industry expertise - it also upholds a standard of community

As part of being a Chartered Financial Planner – each individual is required to achieve the Certificate of Professional Standing each and every year through the completion of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) They are also expected to demonstrate their commitment and service outside of Financial Services as a member of society

As a Practice we encourage our team – whether Chartered or not – to support a charity or their local community in some way

We believe volunteering is an integral part of supporting a community and these are some of the ways our team help:

Although this isn’t an extensive list it does give a good idea of how our work family spend some of their time to help within their community - whether we’re in the North East, Scotland, Yorkshire or further away - there’s always a good cause to get involved with and give something back

Giving back to the community is part of the Chartered Membership

You don’t just pay a fee and get given a badge of honour - every single member has to earn their Chartered badge

That’s why we're proud to tell you Dan, Matt and Mark have definitely earned theirs!




Approved by The Openwork Partnership on 13/12/2023

The Openwork Partnership is one of the largest networks of Financial Advisers in the UK - and we have been a part of it since the beginning in 2005

We were also an active member of the predecessors of The Openwork Partnership since 1994

But what does this actually mean for 2mtrust and our Advisers?

The Openwork Partnership have the scale and capacity to negotiate with and select products and services from UK consumer retail companies

Our advisers have much greater confidence when we restrict ourselves to only recommending products and services which have been through the due diligence of The Openwork Partnership vetting procedures

But what does this actually mean for 2mtrust’s clients?

You can be confident that not only do we follow through meticulously on all FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations – we also follow all the guidance which The Openwork Partnership are able to give on those guidelines

The Openwork Partnership is a network of over 4,000 advisers across the country. The Openwork Partnership can help us because they:

2mtrust is covered by and supported by The Openwork Partnership to ensure we are upholding their high standards and values to fairly and suitably service our customers

The Openwork Partnership - Branded Notebooks

There are many benefits to being part of The Openwork Partnership because they -

Overall the benefit to you as a client is greater confidence and trust peace of mind that your 2mtrust Adviser comes under the cover of a national firm - making sure that you are treated fairly and the advice we give – whether it’s mortgage and protection or financial planning - is always suitable and appropriate for your individual needs




Approved by The Openwork Partnership on 13/12/2023

2mtrust are a Chartered Financial Planning Practice

2mtrust Team Photo 2023 - Financial Services Practice - Part of The Openwork Partnership


2mtrust are a Financial Services Practice - advising families across the UK on all aspects of financial planning

It is normal for us to advise multiple generations of the same family as each age group has different needs

Our clients regularly recommend that both their parents and their children should use us for their own financial planning advice


We have a strong team of licensed Financial Advisers

We couldn’t give the advice we give if we didn’t have a great support team giving us the administrative help that we need

Our Paraplanners are the people who work alongside our Financial Planners

We regard our whole team of people as our “work family” – every member of our work family is needed to perform their role in order that we can deliver our overall client service

We look after and we look out for each other on a day by day basis and treat each as brothers and sisters – creating a family atmosphere at work is important in ensuring that everyone feels that their contribution is not only needed – but appreciated and valued


Our Financial Advisers enjoy working closely with our clients – we need to understand a lot of practical details – but we also work to ensure we understand their goals and desires – we need to know how their family interact and their dreams and ambitions

We cannot always achieve everything that our clients would like to achieve – but we are often able to turn a client’s top priority into reality – our advisers have the knowledge about what is possible – and then have the determination to make it happen

Sometimes our clients want to buy a dream home – our Advisers always try everything possible to make it happen

Sometimes our clients want to be able to retire – our Advisers always try to re-position their finances to make it happen

Because financial advice is an intimate professional relationship we work together with clients over many years with all of life’s ups and downs – we feel privileged when we are involved in helping a client coping with loss or celebrating success

When our clients experience financial difficulties – they turn to us for advice

When our clients experience financial opportunity – they turn to us for advice

Our client meetings are a mixture of meeting in person and video meetings – we always seek to deliver a personal service in a way that is relevant and effective – as well as considering sustainability


Our Paraplanners are usually behind the scenes - working hard to deliver on the advice and proposals given by the Advisers. Working directly alongside the Advisers, they have the mammoth tasks of the on-going chasing of product providers, data collection, documentation and ongoing communication with clients to ensure everyone is up-to-speed and cared for. If you have a question about your case, the Paraplanners can usually answer it. They know their stuff too!


The rest of the support team help with vital operations to keep everything running smoothly

We’ve gone Digital!

In 2020 we closed our offices and moved to working from home and working on-line – our team are in daily meetings with each other on a virtual basis – we are no longer geographically confined to one area of the UK but our team are spread across England and Scotland as remote working is normal

More of our team have been able to adapt their work-life balance to suit their families much better

2mtrust Team Photo - PFS Conference 2023


Working from home has been great for us but we still love to meet together. That’s why we organise in-person meetings or socials from month to month. You may have seen pictures from our business meetings and socials on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We enjoy our time together.

Mark Townson started 2mtrust on his own in 1992 – now we have a whole team of lovely people who make up our work family and we advise thousands of clients around the country





Approved by The Openwork Partnership on 13/12/2023

We recently packed our bags and travelled down to Wales for an overnight stay at the beautiful Celtic Manor.

No this wasn’t just a very extravagant 2mtrust team meeting - we made the most of the trip to attend the Personal Finance Society Conference at the ICC Wales.

Although it was a very long journey for most of the team we enjoyed time together in the evening and explored the conference the following day.

With informative seminars and a variety of exhibitors to chat to, everyone spent the day soaking up the atmosphere and seeing who could get the best merch!

When we weren’t “playing” we were learning and networking.

We asked everyone what “golden nuggets” they came away with from the PFS Conference -

“Having the attitude to serve our clients – we have something to give rather than something to get” – Colin Blois

“Having a heart for inter-generational planning so that each generation in the family becomes clients” – Catherine Bockett

“Taking all the ideas and updates from the conference and using them to improve both personal/individual experience, the clients experience and the experience of 2mtrust as a whole” – Sue Townson

There was so much covered at this event and it was great to spend the time together, learning how we can build upon the foundations we already have - to love our clients even more!

Thank you and well done to everyone involved in organising the Personal Financial Society Conference 2023 including the seminar speaker and exhibitors. Our team came home with a fair few lovely freebies from the suppliers! After all, isn’t that part of why you go to a conference?

Hello there! I’m Karoline and I’m one of the Investments and Pensions Advisers here at 2mtrust and I help people plan for their retirement and invest their money appropriately.

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is: “Why is a financial review so important?”

Well, an annual review with your financial adviser helps you –

✔️Keep your financial goals and ambitions in focus
✔️ Check your money is in the right place
✔️ Make sure you’re using all your tax allowances appropriately
✔️ Stay in control and understand your finances better

Because investment returns can go up and down over time - part of my role is to produce annual investment reports for our clients. Not only do these help you keep track of your pensions and investments - I find them super satisfying and interesting to do too!

Whether you are wanting to invest long-term for your retirement, a future income stream, or perhaps support your children as they move into adulthood, we look at the bigger picture to find the right solution for each individual client’s needs.

I love helping clients make the most of their money and annual reviews are a great way of ensuring we're monitoring the progress of your investments, discussing your financial goals and making any adjustments needed as your circumstances change over time.

I joined the support team at 2mtrust in August 2020 and qualified as a licensed Financial Adviser in March 2022. I live in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne with my son Kallum, 2 slightly hyperactive cats called Charlie and Nyssa, as well as Shadow the mischievous Cavapoo – who you may have spotted in some of the 2mtrust social photos. We do love a good walk on the beach!

Outside of work, I am a Families Worker at Mothers' Union supporting families within the local community and a trustee of Northumbria Deaf Church, which works to provide services that are accessible to all.


The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount invested

HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen


Approved by The Openwork Partnership on 13/06/2023

2mtrust are an award-winning Chartered Financial Practice!

In December 2022 members from 2mtrust attended The Openwork Partnership Bitesize Buzz Meeting - hosted online - where the winners of The Northern Regional Awards were announced

2mtrust were awarded not one - not two - but three awards by The Openwork Partnership Northern Region team:

2mtrust - Best Firm Improvement of Funds under Management
Liam Richardson - Best Newcomer Protection Adviser (2mtrust)
Esther Orridge - Best Marketing and Social Media Presence (2mtrust)

The Openwork Partnership team - who oversee the financial advisers and financial planning firms based in the North of England - have hosted the Northern Region Awards for the past 2 years to highlight outstanding practice and development of firms and their employees

We'd like to say a big "well done!" to Liam Richardson and Esther Orridge for their individual awards - both who joined the 2mtrust family in 2021

We'd also like to say a big "thank you and well done" to Dan Mallery who received a special mention as a primary contributor towards the "Best Firm Improvement of Funds Under Management" awarded to 2mtrust as a Practice.

Dan is one of the Chartered Financial Planners at 2mtrust and he helps clients with their pensions and investment planning

Liam is our Protection Specialist and he helps clients find the right insurance policies for them

Esther is our Media Leader and has helped 2mtrust grow their digital presence through Facebook, LinkedIn and our shiny new website!

Thank you to Julia Smith and the Northern Regional Team at The Openwork Partnership for organising the awards and choosing 2mtrust for these categories. This was a great surprise and felt like an early Christmas present! We look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring




Approved by The Openwork Partnership on 08/06/2023